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Welcome To Fallbrook

Our beautiful neighborhood and association were established in 1990.  Located in an isolated niche of Elk Grove, Fallbrook is close to trails, parks, and home to Elk Grove Elementary.  Fallbrook is one of the older, more established neighborhoods in the rapidly expanding suburb just outside of Sacramento. 

This holiday season, the Fallbrook Neighborhood Association is asking our generous Fallbrook families

to help brighten the lives of two local families who could use some help!


We are thankful for all contributions and will accept any

unwrapped gifts and/or gift cards. 


All donations can be dropped off no later than

Sunday, December 19th

to Michelle at 9274 Whittemore Drive  

Please call/text 831-809-9403 before coming by, or with any questions. 

Thank You & Happy Holidays!


5 year old girl - size 6/7 youth, size 12 youth shoes.  Favorite colors are pink and purple. She has asked Santa for LOL dolls and accessories, My Little Ponies, Fur Real Animals, art supplies, and slime.

7 year old girl -size 10/12 youth, size 3 shoes. Favorite color is turquoise. She would love art supplies and craft kits, as well as outdoor fun items like a hula hoop, jump rope, and chalk. Board Games would be great also.

14 year old boy - shirt size men’s Large, pants size 29x34, and size 8 ½ shoes. He likes football (Colts) and basketball (Lakers) and plays X-Box, so gift cards and X-Box accessories are on his wish list. He likes to read and would love some new books, as well as a remote control car or drone.

Mom - size Small shirt, size 6 pants, and size 8 shoes. She is in need of new pots & pans and a mixer.

Dad - size Medium shirt, 29x30 pants, and size 8 ½ shoes

For the Family - The whole family needs jackets, and winter clothes/shoes if possible.


9 year old boy - size 8 youth, size 3 ½ shoes. Favorite color is green. He asked Santa for VR headset, PC gaming equipment (glow in the dark keyboard, etc.), and X-Box gift cards. He loves art and playing/writing music. Board Games like Monopoly, Risk, Clue would be great also. He has a twin size bed and needs a new bedding set.

10 year old girl- size 10 youth, size 4 shoes. Favorite color is blue, and also pink/purple.  She has asked for an OMG dollhouse and dolls, and she also likes LOL dolls and accessories. She loves baking, crafting and sewing, so a little sewing machine would be heaven. Hair ties, hats, scarf, gloves and other accessories are needed.

Teen boy- size Medium shirt, 28 waist in pants. He is a gamer and wishes for X-Box gift cards. He likes rocks and crystals, and needs pajamas/lounging clothes, male body wash, cologne, and deodorant.

Mom - size x-large, with size 10 shoes. She would love some comfy sweats or leggings, pajamas, a robe, and any other gifts to help her relax and pamper herself. 



Our Association

Who we are

The Fallbrook Neighborhood Association, founded in 1990, is a community-based neighborhood association run by board members. We have a nominal membership fee; however, we are not an HOA, so our fees are paid on a completely voluntary basis.  Each year, the FNA uses the money paid by our members to fund a variety of neighborhood events.

Become a Member of the Association

You too can become a member of the Fallbrook Neighborhood Association simply by filling out the member form and paying annual dues of $25 per household per year.

We are always in need of extra hands for the planning and setting up of our neighborhood events.  If you'd like to help out with any (or all!) of our events, please fill out the volunteer section of the membership form, or just send us an email and we will happily put you to work!

Become a Member of the Board

Want to be even more involved? Become an Officer or Board Member of the Fallbrook Neighborhood Association! Elections are held during our General Meeting, which takes place in January each year.


We will gladly accept any and all donations.  Please make checks payable to the Fallbrook Neighborhood Association. 

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