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The beautiful neighborhood of Fallbrook is located in the city of Elk Grove, California. It is one of the oldest, and therefore more established, neighborhoods in the rapidly expanding suburb just outside of Sacramento.   A big part of Fallbrook's charm stems from the community spirit we have when we get together, which we like to do as often as possible!



The Fallbrook Neighborhood Association, founded in 1990, is a community-based neighborhood association, currently run by board members. We have a nominal membership fee; however, we are not an HOA, so our fees are paid on a completely voluntary basis.  Each year, the FNA uses the money paid by our members to fund a variety of neighborhood events. From family-oriented events like our Easter Egg Hunt and 4th of July Bike Parade, to charity events like the Creek Clean-Up and Adopt-a-Family, to events focused on public safety and information like the candidate forum and meet-and-greets with local politicians and law enforcement, the Fallbrook Neighborhood Association works tirelessly to make our neighborhood the absolute best neighborhood in Elk Grove.  Our Association plans, coordinates, volunteers for, funds, and hosts a variety of community gatherings throughout the year that are geared toward bringing us all together and making our neighborhood safer.  We accomplish all of this in two ways: with the monetary support our neighbors contribute via annual membership dues, and with the volunteer efforts that lend us the helping hands at all of our events.

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